November 5, 2014

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

Do you experience rush hour? I hate rush hour beside from it's difficult to find a transpo going home you will really feeel hungry and tired. Yes, that was my experience last week dameng overtime! I almost completed a day for a lot of overtimes that I had. Anyway, our overtime ended at 6 pm, so imagine na lang uwian na mga tao nun. So sabi ko tambay na lang muna ko sa mall kasi makikipaggitgitan din naman akong sumakay. Eh kung magtaxi naman ako? Tatagain naman ako ng driver kasi nga sa Antipolo pa ko. Yun nga, I then decided I needed to eat muna, hay gastos pa tipid mode pa naman ako. I scanned Sta. Lucia Mall sa may ground floor. Sa bungad puro fastfood. Eh ayoko na sana muna mag fastfood kasi puro fastfood na din ako from last last week. He He He.

Then I saw Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu. It's not actually new but I am not really familiar to the dining place.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

Front of  Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

The ambiance is simple and brightly lit. The walls are white. The tables and chairs are made from wood painted with white. There are few paintings on the wall.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

I chose a table for me, then a guy handed me the menu. I wanted to try Bimbimbap but it's out of stock na daw. I then ordered Bulgogi.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

While waiting for my order, the server handed me the free appetizers. The appetizers includes radish, sprout and kimchi.

Korean Bulgogi
Bulgogi P145.00

Bulgogi is a korean dish that usually consist of grilled marinated beef. For me, it was actually similar to our Pinoy's Beef Steak without the onions and sauce and it is more tastier. And while I am eating I remembered my boyfie. I'm sure if he is with me, he will going to say that he himself can cook this. The serving is good for two persons and quite affordable. The vegetables are half cooked, the way I like it. The beef is sweet, tender and was really served hot. The taste was good but nothing really special. The server on the other hand is not that friendly.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu

After finishing my meal, the server handed me this card. Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall is actually celebrating their first year.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu
See the details for their upcoming anniversary

Not really bad lalo na if you are super hungry. Have you also tried the dishes here at Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu? Comments below.

Jongsoon Korean Ton-Katsu
Ground Floor Bldg 2 Sta.lucia East Grand Mall
Marcos Highway corner Felix Avenue Cainta, Rizal 1900

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