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    Tuesday, November 4, 2014

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection Nail Art

    Another loot from Blogapalooza 2014! Caronia have their newest collection of polishes which was produced in partnership with Ballet Philippines. The name on the new polishes are related to ballet.

    The set includes Chasse, Avant and Bourree. And did I mention that this is soo timely? Yes it is! I was really excited when I got the product (most of my nail polishes are dry) and I have the reasons to do nail arts! Yay!

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection
    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection
    So on this post I have a simple nail art for you. I used Chasse and Bourree for my nail art. Sorry for the messy nails didn't actually clean it because I need to finish the nail art immediately (baka magising kasi agad ang mga bagets so gora na lang!).

    This nail art is also doable in any colors that you like. First paint your nails with the 1st base.

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

    Then, get some paper tapes and shape it on whatever shape that you want on your nails. I wanted different shapes, so for every nails I will put the paper tapes to draw the shape that I wanted.

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

    First on my thumb is the shape of triangle.

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

    On my forefinger I want 2 horizontal lines. I painted that with Bourree. Oh before putting the paper tapes make sure that your 1st base is dry.

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

    Third finger is vertically half of the nail, 4th nail is slant shape and last is 3 horizontal lines. Wait for at least 5 minutes or so before removing the tapes. 

    Caronia's Blue Moon Collection

    And this is the result. Easy right? (my twin photo bomber! he is still asleep shhhh!) Don't forget to finish it off with a top coat.

    Thank you Caronia for this wonderful polishes! Can't wait to try the Avant color for my Christmas nail art!

    'Til our next tutorial!

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