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    Monday, September 22, 2014

    The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof

    The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof

    It's September month again. And yes yearly we always experienced typhoons here in the Philippines. 

    Last Friday, tropical storm Mario hits the northern part of our country. While Metro Manila was cloudy with moderate to heavy rains and thunderstorms.

    I still manage to come to work that day and never realized that I will have a difficulty on going home.

    All throughout the day, the rain didn't stop which resulted to the whole capital to be submerged in deep floods and a lot of people are affected. 

    I am not really that worried because whenever there is typhoon, I still manage to go home because there are a lot of jeepneys going to our place. Which is this time I was wrong. On the way home, we have a free shuttle from the office which dropped me off at Santolan Lrt Station. Then I rode a jeepney going to Sta. Lucia Mall (usually from Lrt Station I can only ride one jeepney straight to our place). From Sta. Lucia Mall, we need to ride a truck to pass the high floods along Marcos Highway.

    from Oshieposh IG

    This is how we all looked while on the truck. We are all wet by the rain, kasi siksikan na kame.

    Typhoon Mario
    Along Marcos Highway

    Typhoon Mario
    Along Marcos Highway

    Typhoon Mario
    Along Marcos Highway
    I took a picture along Marcos Highway but don't have a good view. The good thing about the ride is that people are still cheerful. Ganun siguro talaga ang mga Pilipino kahit na nasa baha na eh nagagawa pa ding tumawa. Coming from BPO companies, I knew how hard it is to come to work even if its raining hard. Kaya nga ang motto ng mga Pilipino kapag umuulan eh "The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof". Kasi umulan man ng malakas at bahain man tayo, we stay strong, we still smile despite the fact that our house and streets are flooded, we continue to move forward and doesn't lose hope.

    I am still grateful that day kasi yun lang ang naranasan ko. I heard sad stories from other people. Yung iba binaha na sila sa mga bahay nila at lahat ng gamit nila nasisira because of the floods. When we passed Masinag, I was able to ride a taxi going to the Market then from there I rode a tricycle straight to our house.

    I was relieved when I finally reached our house, because we have a house that is not submerge by the flood and my family is safe. Basang basa man ako ng ulan, still I was thankful. The experienced that I had is quite memorable, having to ride a truck so I can go home to my kids. But I hope I will not experience it again. And I also hope that my fellow Filipinos will get through this once again.


    Nheng <3

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