Invading Mom's Closet

"It's hard to find time to shop for yourself, but a closet full of options is definitely a time saver!"

I am the eldest and the only daughter of my mom. The big advantage of it is inheriting all her clothes! I've received a lot from her especially clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. And it is also a good thing that we are on the same size, so I get to snatch things that I like from her. He he he!

Most of my mom's clothes are not really vintage, so I get to wear them too! Below are some of the clothes that I get from her closet without her knowing. I have posted all of these on my Lookbook account but deactivated it because I was not able to update it as often as much as I want to (too many social accounts eh?).

Some of the pictures are taken inside the apartment of my Mom in Malaysia. Because I was so bored! Ha ha ha!

purple formal dress
Dress: From my Mom's Closet
Shoes: Nazumi
I wore this dress on a wedding of my Mom's friend. (Sorry for the red bra strap)

Crochet Top Layered Dress
Dress: From my Mom's Closet
Accessories: From my mom too!
This dress is soo cute! That I also wore it when I was pregnant. The top is made with crochet and layered with chiffon fabric. It's soo girly! Excused my pose here (pretending to talk over the phone hehehe).

Bohemian Dress
Dress: From my Mom's Closet
Necklace used as a Headpiece
I loved this long Bohemian Dress! It reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens. She loves wearing bohemian dresses. I don't usually wear long dresses because I am small (I'm 4'9). But this one's a keeper.

Dress with Yellow Flowers
Dress: From my Mom's Closet
Necklace: From mom, again :)
Shoes: Marikina :p
I loved everything about Yellow! You can wear this dress in an office. Just add a blazer and you're good to go!

White Polo Shirt
1. Bracelet: (mom)
2. Shoes: Luciana (mom)
3. White Long Sleeve: From my Mom's Closet
4. Necklace: Robot (Girl Shoppe)
5. Maong Shorts
6. Earrings: Leaves (mom)
7. Headband (mom)
Black shoes are not just for formal outfits!

White Dress
1. Necklace: (mom)
2. Earrings: American Apparel
3. Dress: From my Mom's Closet
This one is my mom's favorite. Too bad I was not able to take this home in the Philippines.

How about you? Do you also get to wear your Mom's clothes? Share comments below. :)



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